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Host a Screening in Your Community

By holding public screenings of Tribe of Heart films, hundreds of people all over the world have already seen that their efforts can transform individual lives, and that they can contribute toward many of the larger-scale changes that are most needed in our troubled world.

Venues for these screenings have ranged from small cafes and community centers, to public libraries and college classrooms, to international conferences and arts festivals, to movie theaters and auditoriums seating audiences of several hundred.

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Transformation in Tucson - A handful of motivated activists hit a home run
Successful premiere screening fills 500 seats and changes countless lives

For those who wonder what motivates us to spend years of our lives bringing the message of our films to audience after audience, our experience with the Tucson premiere of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home provides an answer.

Ben Braman
Photo by James Reed

We have always seen our work as serving not only the viewers of our films, but also those who wish to educate others about the important issues these films explore. Ben Braman is just this kind of person. He had a vision of bringing a deeper level of animal consciousness to his community, and in partnership with The Healthy You Network and its team of volunteers, he helped organize the Tucson premiere. He and HYN then carried out a publicity campaign for the event that was so successful, a 500-seat theater was not only filled to capacity, but beyond, with over 100 people ending up being directed to an encore screening held a couple of weeks later.

The atmosphere after the screening was electrifying. The audience was engaged and fully focused on the message of the film. Consider the depth and breadth of change reflected in their written comments below, and that the experience that inspired this response lasted less than two hours. In just two hours, hundreds of minds were opened and hearts uplifted.

The variety of insights is inspiring, as is the fact that out of hundreds of comments collected, the majority of them expressed gratitude for the viewing experience. No matter where someone was in their journey, the film seemed to inspire them to go further. Meat eaters spoke of giving up meat, vegetarians spoke of becoming vegan, and vegans spoke of wanting to become more active and involved in making change happen. We see this a great deal from our audiences, which is ultimately a very hopeful sign.

For those of us involved in making and distributing Tribe of Heart films, and for our grassroots partners who bring them to their communities, the words of individual audience members leave no doubt that our efforts together are worthwhile, and that the human capacity for moral awakening is so much greater than most of us realize.


Tucson Audience Comments

It was a very compassionate and wonderful portrait of the side of the animals that need our protection. I am sad to say that I had become unsensitized to what it meant to eat animals – that only certain animals were the ones to be loved. Tomorrow I go vegan. My optimum goal: to see how I can be an advocate for all animals.

"Those who think they are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones that do." This story has inspired me to help change the world, even in the smallest way. I will help. Thank you.

This was a beautiful film about not only the human spirit but also the raw truth of how off track we have gone. It was the hardest "foody" movie I have seen... But it is necessary for us to see the truth of what is going on behind the scenes. Thank you for opening our eyes.

Beautifully presented and enlightening. I have to rethink my eating – can't have it both ways. Thank you for making it impossible for me to justify my lifestyle.

Tucson AudienceSo glad I had the opportunity to see the film, and I can say with certainty that it has changed me.

I thought it was a beautiful production. It has given me a new perspective. I will start looking into my lifestyle to try and make changes.

Amazing! What an eye opener! Really makes me want to rethink my decisions.

I've been a vegetarian for 27 years but haven't made the final step to veganism. I think after seeing your film I will be able to do that. Such an emotional film – very sad/very happy. Every meat eater should have to view it.

Thought provoking. I will be eating less meat.

Great presentation – I am a new convert!

It scared the daylights out of me! But… it was very very touching and I will never eat meat again. I love cows, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens. I have 4 bunnies and 6 chickens. I'm 11, in 6th grade.

Edited very sensitively, and got the message across without sensationalizing it. Well done! Also, I went to veterinary school in Scotland, which is a very agricultural nation, and so much of my coursework revolved around farm animals and their treatments, including working for a week in an abattoir. I feel your depiction of farmers in this film was not aggressive… Very compassionate film without being "preachy." Food for thought. Thank you very much!

This film has convinced me that eating flesh is cruel. I've given up beef and pork for 3-1/2 years now – as of tonight, I vow to stop eating any other flesh. Animals are beautiful! Thank you so much!

Beautiful film. Loved seeing people who listened to their hearts whatever the cost.

I'm actually struggling emotionally to write well so let me thank you. This has changed me for the better.

I am a meat eater but now I will reassess my needs for meat. Thank you for showing a well rounded view... It is the "time of no secrets."

Thanks for making this film. Although I have seen Food, Inc., etc., so far I can't seem to stop eating all meat. Gave up lamb, pork and veal long ago, but still eat chicken. Guess I'll have to look up vegan diets and stop eating ALL meat. Hope you continue to take this awareness to everyone.

The entire universe should view this film – this should be put out in schools and humane societies.

Very powerful film. Gave me pause about eating another egg. Thank you so much.

This was a great movie. This movie made me realize that animals are part of my community and that everybody should treat animals much better.

Amazing. I want everyone I know to see this. I'm already personally a vegan, but you've inspired me to do much more.

This movie is a game changer! I'm going from veggie to vegan. Thank you so much for being so brave!

Most of these issues are often at the edge of my consciousness, but it's films like yours that can bring it to the front. A few years ago after watching "Forks Over Knives" I changed my diet, and I think I might change again now. These issues are really difficult, but it's also really difficult when so many people willfully ignore them because it's more convenient. Thanks for the showing, it takes time and many wake up calls to change individuals and society, so thank you for persevering

I have been slowly moving closer to eating meat after decades not eating it. I will stop at this point and return to full vegetarian with joy. Thank you!

The best film I've ever seen.

I have been aware of animal cruelty – I am vegetarian and moving towards being vegan. Your film inspired me to follow my core principles and truly become vegan.

This is an incredibly important film. Thank you for being part of the solution towards peace.

I was happy to watch this movie. It's good to expose what happens. Most people don't know what happens. More movies need to be like this. Although I eat meat, this will make me think twice. Thank you.

I liked and resonated with the message of kindness, compassion, mercy, friendship and joy and unconditional love as the journey to life – at least a life well-lived.

As a fourth generation farm kid, this film showed me that my picture of the way animals are cared for is not accurate now. Way different.

Loved it for the heartfelt respect for the individual animals, the people, the photography, the music, the message… Great work!

I will never be able to view chicken, beef or lamb unconsciously again. Thank you for enlightening me.

I feel strongly about not eating animals but not strong enough so I guess I needed to see this… It was very good – well done.

This film totally created a new awareness about a subject that most people know nothing about. The film was very professionally created and extremely informative. Loved the folks who gave testimony in the film.

I found the film uplifting… The talk about unconditional love was the focal point for me.

Thank you for opening my eyes to something that touched me deeply.

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